The History of the group

This Moscow rock-group was founded in November 1997. Alexei Shkapov (rhythm guitar) and Sergey Panfilov (drums) decided to make some music. They invited Dmitry Plotnikov (bass guitar and vocals) and Alexei Tsyganov (lead guitar).

The group was named as УSangaraФ in January 1998. During this year (1998) they produced the first concert program and recorded demo УDictatorship of DreamФ.

The first concert was played in УU-tuФ club (February 1999). During 1999 they made several concerts in Moscow clubs (УIntoyoФ, УR-ClubФ, УU-tuФ) and took part in the Beer festival.

In 2000 УSangaraФ made several shows in УART 2000Ф club. УSangaraФ recorded the second demo УUntil I DieФ. In June 2000 they took part in Bike festival in Maloyaroslavets.

In September 2000 Alexei Tsyganov was killed. It was a great shock for all musicians. All next year they were under depression. They tried to find new lead guitarist but without any success.

In March 2002 Roman Feoktistov began to play as a rhythm guitarist and Alexei Shkapov as a lead. In June 2002 УSangaraФ took part in Bike festival in Maloyaroslavets the second time. Sergey Panfilov (drummer) left the group in December 2002. New drummer Anton Shaidetsky started play on the 14th of December 2002.

In 2003 УSangaraФ gave some shows in Moscow clubs. In June 2003 they started producing the first album УThe Evil SymphonyФ and finished only in May 2004. All this time musicians tried to connect with several radio-stations. No reply. In June 2004 УSangaraФ took part in Bike festival in Maloyaroslavets the third time. In summer they made some shows in УR-ClubФ and УRelaxФ club. УThe Evil SymphonyФ Metalism Records published on the 12th of March 2005. Since March 2005 УSangaraФ has produced new concert program. Now УSangaraФ consists of Dmitry Plotnikov (bass guitar and vocals), Alexei Shkapov (lead guitar), Roman Feoktistov (rhythm guitar), Anton Shaidetsky (drums).

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